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Red Giant

Stories passed down through the ages all describe in detail a day long ago where the sun suddenly grew and became consumed in a blood red color. As the people stared at the sky a crimson haze slowly crept across the surface of the planet. It’s been said that this was the beginning of what was known as “the end of the world” or “the rapture” by people of that time. 

From this day forward humanity and the world that they knew was forever changed, horrific beings and aberrations began to rise, seemingly from the soil itself. Beings of absolute terror and structures the human mind cannot comprehend appeared from nothingness. It was not long before humanity was ultimately driven to the edge of extinction, facing these impossible threats.

People now eke out a small existence throughout the lands attempting to avoid or defeat the horrors and creatures that have awakened from the planet in order to survive, but for what and for what cost?


  • Introduction to TRPGs and Intro
  • Player Character and “Exchange” mechanics
  • A robust list of items and various services
  • A complete bestiary filled with Creatures, Monsters, and Horrors
  • Sanity and Survival systems
  • Detailed map creation system utilizing hexes
  • A full calendar system
  • Three different types of Magic and examples
  • A large list of example Curses
  • two complete Scenarios

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