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Rookie Jet Studio was created in 2019 to serve one goal: bringing our games into other people’s lives. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Rookie Jet Studio frequently works with people all around the world in order to bring quality and fun into people’s homes. After finding a glimpse at success by creating the first english supplement for hit-tabletop roleplaying game “Ryuutama”, Rookie Jet Studio has expanded into creating our own unique games with a focus on simplicity.

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Over Arms Info

Over Arms is a rules-light tabletop RPG that brings with it a toolkit designed to replicate media like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Persona, and more. Over Arms brings mechanics designed to control two entities as one character and a very free form system for designing abilities and powers.

In a game of Over Arms players characters will obtain an “Anima”, a psychic manifestation of one’s own will power or drive. These Anima come with special abilities only accessible by working together. A typical game of Over Arms will includes scenarios that deal with the themes of relationships, exploration, investigation, mystery, crime, and fantasy.

The mission for creating Over Arms was not only to design a toolkit but to design a robust and simple game that allows everyone to pick up and play quickly with little prep.

In a game of Over Arms, player characters will awaken their “Anima”, a manifestation of one’s own will and psyche that is typically born through an incredibly stressful or emotional event. These Anima come equipped with unique special abilities that YOU, the player, will create and utilize both in combat and while interacting with the world that surrounds you. These abilities are learned by your character only through coming to understand the nature of your Anima and working together in tandem. From character and Anima creation to scenarios and combat, Over Arms is rules-light at its core: RPG newbies and seasoned veterans alike can pick it up, read it, and play a game of Over Arms in just a few hours. 

 The game has been structured in a way that provides players with a unique focus on the narrative experience while retaining the love of rolling dice across the table to determine the various outcomes of player decisions. The sky is the limit in Over Arms, this game does not limit your imagination or possibilities by conforming characters or Anima into a constricting “power system” and instead puts an emphasis on groups designing their Animas’ abilities from the ground up. Want to phase through the shadows? Generate electrical storms? Manipulate thoughts? control fire? or even something more intricate and outlandish? Over Arms makes all of this possible.

While most players portray their characters, one of them acts as the Game Master (GM): this person creates and navigates the characters through a scenario comprised of several different “Phases”. These Phases work as a simple tool to help the players better understand what their characters should be doing during that time, so that the game never skips a beat or strays too far from its premise. Over Arms holds as much focus on combat as it does narrative, with each encounter becoming more deadly and unforgiving than the last. Within the book you will find plenty of sample stat blocks, items, and relics to use in your own campaigns, along with a unique scenario and a simple scenario generator. 

Features of Over Arms include:

  • Introduction to TRPGs and Intro
  • Player Character and Anima Creation mechanics
  • A quick reference for vocabulary
  • Money and social status mechanics
  • A Leveling Table for levels 1-10.
  • A robust list of Items and Relics
  • Rules for various Status Conditions
  • Sample Anima and Abilities
  • Full stat blocks and images for enemies
  • Rules, mechanics, information and much more relating to “The Mirage”, a strange world meant for dungeon crawling.
  • Example Scenario and Scenario Generator
  • Combat rules, mechanics, examples and much more.

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