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Over Arms


Over Arms is a rules-light tabletop RPG that brings with it a toolkit designed to replicate media like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Persona, and more. Over Arms brings mechanics designed to control two entities as one character and a very free form system for designing abilities and powers.

In a game of Over Arms players characters will obtain an “Anima”, a psychic manifestation of one’s own will power or drive. These Anima come with special abilities only accessible by working together. A typical game of Over Arms will includes scenarios that deal with the themes of relationships, exploration, investigation, mystery, crime, and fantasy.

The mission for creating Over Arms was not only to design a toolkit but to design a robust and simple game that allows everyone to pick up and play quickly with little prep.

Features of Over Arms include:

  • Introduction to TRPGs and Intro
  • Player Character and Anima Creation mechanics
  • A quick reference for vocabulary
  • Money and social status mechanics
  • A Leveling Table for levels 1-10.
  • A robust list of Items and Relics
  • Rules for various Status Conditions
  • Sample Anima and Abilities
  • Full stat blocks and images for enemies
  • Rules, mechanics, information and much more relating to “The Mirage”, a strange world meant for dungeon crawling.
  • Example Scenario and Scenario Generator
  • Combat rules, mechanics, examples and much more.

Over Arms is in progress currently but is slated to release sometime in the Spring of 2020. Make sure to follow our social media accounts, reddit ,and discord for more information.