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Gimmick Zero

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Gimmick Zero is a rules-light tabletop RPG focused on people who have become living weapons in order to take down colossal machines gone rogue in order to save what remains of their society. 

Catered to both rookies and veterans of tabletop RPGS, Gimmick Zero presents a flexible system and framework to run sessions, campaigns, and one-shots in a variety of different settings with mechanics inspired by media such as Bubblegum Crisis, Katana Zero, Megaman Zero and more.

Gimmick Zero also comes with a bevy of information that will be more than helpful in aiding both the GM and the Players in understanding the inner workings of the game system. People familiar with Over Arms will be able to easily adapt to this system.

Features of the Gimmick Zero Quickstart include:

  • Introduction to TRPGs and Intro
  • Player Character Creation rules including Nano Armor and Abilities sections.
  • World Creation rules that make starting a game of Gimmick Zero incredibly easy.
  • Rules to unite your Party instead of the “you meet at a tavern” trope.
  • A full Scenario that contains a Quickstart exclusive encounter and boss battle.
  • Combat rules, mechanics, examples and much more.

Note: This book is still in progress, information may differ from the final product.

The rules, art, and content presented in this Quickstart Rulebook are subject to change at anytime before the full game releases and these changes should be expected as time goes on. The full release of Gimmick Zero is slated for Spring 2021 Check back for more info! Due to some language in this book, Gimmick Zero is suggested for ages 16+.


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